Bandit Burrito Catering

You throw the event, we'll be ready for the stampede!

We will cater to your office parties, camping trips, corporate events, tailgates, graduations, birthday parties, reunions, pool parties, school events, or even weddings. You name it and we will find a way.


These burritos are layered with beef, grilled chicken, pork or vegetarian, wild rice, black beans, mixed cheese, fajita vegetables, mild salsa, sour cream and queso. Served with a chips and salsa buffet so your guest can customize their lunch. Wrap up this rebel of a meal with homemade brownies and rice crisp treats.
$8.50 per person


Begin your escape with six inch tortillas, tortilla chips or lettuces. Let your guests pick from beef, chicken, wild rice, black beans, fajita vegetables, and queso. Top the fajitas off with six salsas, sour cream and flavored sour cream, mixed cheese, black olives, green onions, lettuce, limes and peppers. Satisfy your sweet tooth with our brownies and rice crisp treats.
$11.00 per person

Catering Menu Ideas

We do more than just burritos and Mexican food.
Throw us your ideas, we are open to options off the menu.

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Bandit  Burrito Catering Brochure

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